Posted by: Greg Siefert | June 16, 2009

Social Media and Our Customers

I had the opportunity to attend Taylor MBA’s session on Social Media with Kyle Lacy from BrandSwag. Social media is changing the way and the speed in which customers interact. How does social media factor into the customer experience? It is a sliver of the overall customer experience, but a very important sliver.

Think about how and when you use social media…we tend to use social media the most in a couple of circumstances:

1) when something extraordinary happens — maybe an example of exceptional service or an incredible product

2) when we feel we have been wronged — when a company doesn’t meet our expectations, or worse, when they treat us unfairly

What are customers saying about your company? How are you leveraging Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter? If you’re not, I encourage you to rethink your media mix!

See the Taylor MBA’s blog post on Social Media as well.


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