Greg Siefert, President & Chief Story Maker

Greg is a seasoned consultant and executive who has delivered world-class solutions to leading Fortune 500 companies within the Insurance, Consumer Packaged Goods, Healthcare, and Financial Services industries.  Additionally, he has a proven track record growing professional service firms, crafting service offerings, and enabling firms to maximize their customers’ experience.  Greg’s passion is imagining, designing, and implementing outstanding customer experience programs.
Greg has held a number of senior management positions with Technology and Strategy consulting firms – in both consulting and business development.  Most recently, Greg led sales and marketing for Ambassador Solutions, an Indianapolis Technology consulting firm.  He was also a Partner and the Practice Director with Blackwell Consulting Services, a Chicago-based Management and Technology Consultancy.
Throughout his career, Greg has served in numerous consulting roles focused on business strategy & process design, customer experience design & implementation, organizational structure, change management, financial analysis, and operational excellence.  This breadth has enabled Greg to drive successful results for customers by ensuring a sound strategic direction and project execution excellence.  His focus and dedication to addressing the customer need has enabled him to deliver complex, multi-million dollar solutions with measurable business results to organizations such as Kraft Foods, Aon Corp, Eli Lilly, and the City of Chicago.
In addition to holding a bachelor’s degree (BS) in Business/Systems from Taylor University, Greg also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Taylor University. Greg will begin teaching in the Taylor MBA program in the winter of 2009. 

Founding Springhead

With almost 15 years experience in the consulting industry, Greg felt the calling to build a consulting firm from the ground up based on his passions and experiences.  In September of 2009, Springhead, LLC was formed.  Taking his experiences and passions, Greg has built a consulting firm from the ground up based the right principles.  The idea was simple:  to build on the principle that how we deliver the service is every bit as important as what we deliver.  This idea, coupled with a consuming passion to make a positive difference in every life that we touch led to the formation of a truly unique consulting firm. 

The exciting thing is that Springhead, LLC will not only make a positive difference for our customers, but we will equip them to make a positive difference for their customers!  We are creating a new wave, a new generation of businesses focused on making a positive difference with their customers.  Welcome to the Customer Experience (CX) revolution!    

More stuff…if you’re still reading

Oh, yeah.  Here are a few other tidbits to throw in:
Greg has authored and co-authored several articles, including a byline for CIO.com.  Greg is a sought after speaker on the topics of customer experience, leadership, business growth, and professional services.  Additionally Greg is active in a number of community endeavors and serves in a number of leadership roles in his local church, including the worship team and the small group ministry.  He currently resides in Indianapolis with his wife and four wonderful daughters.

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